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History of the Company J.SAURON S.A

1946Creation of Joseph SAURON company specialized in arc welding generators – PLUTONARC range.
1976Partnership with Gaz de France in gas pipes welding.
1977Manufacturing of special generator for the SNCF railways.
1978First Polyvalent Electrofusion machine,  THERMOPLAST RS 051.
1984Patent with Gaz de France for  THERMOPLAST JULIE  Barcode Electrofusion system.
1985TRANSLAMATIC, First  robotic welder for rails repairing, in cooperation with SNCF.
1991Creation of MICROPLUS for Electronic design activities.
2000PILOTFUSE, Design and Manufacturing of automatic butt fusion machine.
2011J. SAURON becomes “CTF FRANCE”

SAURON-CTF products are world-renowned for their quality, reliability and high technical performance.